Growing and Maintaining Natural Hair

girl with beautiful hair

The individual curl pattern is commonly found in women “curly” natural is unique. It therefore needs care which tailored to your particular type of hair. There are however some practices which will benefit you regardless of the structure or type of your hair. You can read natural hair blogs ways of doing this. The following are some tips that will help you grow and maintain your natural hair.

Protective Styling

lady on wigThis is the styling in which your hair is not fully exposed or loose. The ends are shielded from elements which can cause breakage to the hair. Protective hairstyles include braids, head wraps, weaves, updos, and wigs. Ensure however that you do not overdo the style you choose. If you wear these styles, then you are concealing the essence of being natural. These styles promote length retention and hair growth over time since you relieve your hair from daily styling techniques which may cause hair loss and breakage. Your night routine is equally vital for your hair care and maintenance. You can protect it by wrapping with satin or silk scarf to prevent matting, breakage, and tangling.


The curly or coiled structure of the Afro-textured hair shaft results makes the hair prone to breakage and dryness since it is not easy for natural oils to go down the shaft. You can combat this condition by moisturizing your hair. This hydrates your hair and infuses the essential emollients leaving the hair softer, more manageable and suppler. There are various ways of moisturizing your hair, a straightforward way to do this is by adding water or leave conditioner then seal in the moisture using butter or oil.


Conditioning is not a new idea when it comes to maintaining your hair. Way before shampooing were we conditioning, and it is known to stress softer and silkier. Today there is a popular trend whereby you wash your hair with a conditioner instead of shampoo. This prevents dryness that results from some shampoos that strip your hair of oils during the cleaning process. Protein-based conditioner imparts protein growth and repair to your hair. They also restore moisture, nourish and add shine and body to the hair.

Use Safe Hair Products

moisturizerYou need to use products made of natural ingredients that are beneficial and safer for your hair then chemically laden products. Silicone additives may cause an extensive buildup of products. Some sulfates can also be harsh to the hair and strip it of its natural hair. Alcohol is these products also cause dryness. Ensure you read the labels carefully then experiment to know which product will best work for you.

Trim Regularly

Do away with split ends. Trimming is essential for removing split and damaged ends as well as improving the overall hair appearance which creates a uniformed look. The tips are the oldest part of your hair and are usually thinner due to the disintegration of the cuticle. Trimming correctly removes the damaged hair replacing it with healthier hair.

Most woman today want to grow and keep natural hair. This may, however, be difficult to take note of these tips to help grow and maintain natural hair.…